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The Next phase for multimedia solutions and web designs

The Education Purchase Eligibility

Any employee of a nonprofit (public or private) Education institution, Lecturers,Teachers, Student currently in a public or private Education Institution.Any religious organisations. eg: Church, Temple, Mosque etc

Start With The Basics - Build Valuable Multimedia Skill

Your students don’t remember a time without digital cameras, DVDs and MP3s. It’s a digital world, and it is increasingly important that students leave school knowing how to work with the basic elements of multimedia production: audio, music and video.

Vegas, ACID and Sound ForgeĀ® have been synonymous with professional media creation and productivity for over a decade. Affordable and easy to use, they are fast becoming the applications of choice in schools around the country.

Working with digital media teaches real-world skills such as how to present information in compelling ways, how to synthesize and analyze complex content, and how to understand the importance of research, planning, and organizational skills.

Enhance your curriculum with tools from Sony Creative Media.

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Film and Video production, Audio editing and Music creation

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