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The Next phase for multimedia solutions and web designs

Audio Power Production - Techniques for Superior Sound

Wished you knew more about making killer audio?

Now you've got the chance to learn from ‘the’ Master.

This workshop will enhance your knowledge in audio production, and boost your confidence on doing things right. Covering both production and post-production techniques, to improve the overall sound of your productions.

Instructed by Douglas Spotted Eagle, recipient of Grammy, Emmy, DuPont, and many other awards, learn the tools, techniques, and unique workflows he's learned in a lifetime of audio for video experiences

Course Details

> Setting up your editing room for great audio (learn what tools, applications, and techniques)      >Microphone types (hear the differences)      >Microphone placement (indoor/outdoor, when to use wind protection, listening for sweet spots)  >Connecting microphones to a camcorder (Cable types/connectors, quality vs cheap)     >Connecting to other recording devices (DAT, MD, other tools)       >Special considerations for HDV Audio (HD is MPEG audio and carries certain caveats)   >Understanding wireless systems (UHF/VHF, Diversity or not)        >Ideal levels for audio recording (Learn how to meter audio correctly)         >Understanding Analog vs Digital metering (When 0dB isn't 0dB!)  >Effective Mic boom techniques (Choosing, holding, monitoring)     >Monitoring audio on a production (monitoring choices in the studio and field)        >Plug in tools for nonlinear editing systems (VST, DX, what plugs you NEED vs which plugs are merely good to have)  >Using compressors, reverbs, EQ, gates, and other tools   > Mixing techniques (Understanding balance of dialog, M&E, and other effects/techniques)           > Noise Reduction (Using plugins and existing tools to remove all sorts of noise from your audio) > Syncing in post (Matching multicams or outside audio sources)   > Simple, practical solutions for difficult edits            > Getting a great V/O (Mics, tricks of the trade, techniques)

(Full Day Seminar inclusive of lunch)

Venue:  Hotel

Date: 2011 Time: 9am – 5:30pm

Course Fee: $550

For Registration, please contact Cindy  Tel: 62989088 or email: a1-sales@aone.com.sg

Sony VegasPro Workshop

Douglas Spotted Eagle, recipient of Grammy, Emmy, DuPont, and many other awards, will teach you the tools, techniques, and unique workflows he learnt of HD video and audio experiences.

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HD VegasPro Training- HD What You NEED to Know

Need an in-depth understanding of HD? This all-day session is suited to help you to go HD. Find out about the power and customizability of the Z-1 and A-1 cameras. HD display options. Find out how broadcast pros, independent filmmakers, and event videographers are using HDV today!

Videocam School - Basic and Intermediate


Audio Video Power Production Techniques for beginners

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Movie Studio Training

Learn to Edit your captured  video and turn it into amazing movie for family and friends to watch.

We think making awesome movies should be simple, fun, and lightning fast. Storyboard first drafts and even create movies —or refine edits with frame accuracy on a 10-track timeline and spice things up. One click shares your HD videos on Facebook, YouTube, and Others. Vegas and Movie Studio users unlimited potential to increase creativity and save time!

Course fee: $300.00

For Registration, call Cindy at 62989088 or email a1-sales @aone.sg

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Need a headstart in digital video making?

Join renowned videographer, Douglas Spotted Eagle, as he guides you through a full day training in digital video production. You learn basic techniques to get a quality video shoots with your camcorder; Learn the tricks and technqiues to add that sparkle to your movie. Share your masterpiece with friends and family.